Friday, November 23, 2007

Compassionate Friends

Irene who featured on one of our previous posts as the organiser for a Compassionate Friends group kindly provided the following information about the Sunray Quilt that the group made and that was on a previous post. Many thanks for filling in the details and providing the link.

"The block is called Golden Glow and was first published during the Depression years. It combines piecing and applique. Golden Glow was the inspiration for our Quilt. It can be found as a Block of the Month on . The blocks were adapted and constructed in several ways to suit the ability of the individual. Some were appliqued, some backed and stuck with bondaweb. Handstitching, embroidery, machining and machine embroidery and embelishments were worked on the blocks. Hope this helps."

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunray Quilt

Congratulations to the Compassionate Friends Group - their quilt is now complete and a picture of the end result is shown below. Thank you to Irene for sending the photo in and sharing it with us.
I love the way that each person has been able to use fabric to express the individuality of each child.
A beautiful result...

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