Friday, May 30, 2008

The First Orphan Block!

Joy from Project Linus popped into the shop this afternoon with the Orphan Block Box. Following on from our previous post you can now bring any orphan blocks - poor, destitute, unwanted (but still loved of course) blocks into the shop that you know will find a better home with Project Linus. The Ophan Block Box is on the counter and accepting deliveries (we're wondering based on our own experience if it will be big enough!).

I scouted round the building and in one of Margaret's drawers we found a test block (testing out the YLI silk thread from ages ago) - a prime candidate and first entry into the Ophan Block Box. May there be many more!

Project Linus Orphan Box

So, next time you're planning a visit to The Cotton Patch - why not have a sort out of your drawers and see if you have any blocks that could be donated and given a new lease of life in a Linus quilt!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Project Linus Quilt Block Orphanage

Joy Edgington, Project Linus co-ordinator for the West Midlands, has a great idea for any blocks that you may have made but haven't completed or what appeared to be a unique and daring bit of creativity has gone a little awry. Well, as Project Linus co-ordinator Joy is happy to assure you that no block is too 'bad' to be turned into a Linus quilt. She often gets orphan blocks sheepishly handed over under cover of darkness!

She has always managed to find homes for these blocks in quilts. Sometimes other quilters are prepared to take them on and sew them into some quite wonderful creations.

Recognising that there are a lot of orphan blocks out there she has decided to create the UK's first Quilt Block Orphanage!!

So if any of you have orphan blocks that you would like to send to Joy she will undertake to find a new 'foster mom' for them and get them rehomed in a new quilt for Project Linus.

These are some blocks made from donated fabrics at a Project Linus workshop.

Joy had this set of antique Nine-Patch blocks donated to her that would form the basis of a very traditional looking quilt.

We reckon that just among the staff of The Cotton Patch we should be able to find a few blocks!

AND of course if anyone wants to be a foster mom then again they should contact her.

She can be contacted through the orphange e-mail address which is orphanblock at or people can send blocks (anonymously if preferred) to her directly - please email her for her address.

If you would like to find out more about Project Linus the main site is at and people can access details of their local co-ordinator from the site.

Quiltmaker magazine also publish copyright free Project Linus patterns from time to time which can be copied for groups etc. These can be found at

We hope you take up Joy on her orphan challenge - I've been sorting through a few pieces from workshops that I fully intended to make into quilts but have never quite found the time...

The latest Project Linus Newsletter from Joy can be found by clicking the link here.

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Malvern Quilts UK - Large Wallhanging

We were delighted to meet the winner of the Cotton Patch Trophy for Large Wallhanging at the Malvern Quilts UK Show last Sunday. Jane Hopkins' quilt entitled "Summer Fairies" is based on Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies. Jane, a patchwork and quilting teacher based in Paignton, Devon, has been hand-dying her own fabrics for a number of years using both hot water and transfer dyes from Omega Dyes. One of the aspects that made this quilt so unique was the use of those fabrics with a subtlety of shading that were reminiscent of watercolours.

Malvern Quilt UK - Cotton Patch Trophy Winner for Large Wallhanging, Jane Hopkins

Jane particularly enjoys doing machine applique and this was beautifully executed. A delightful quilt and well-deserved winner in this category.

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