Thursday, January 17, 2008

Close-up of Quilt

A larger image of the "we can't quite believe it's finished" quilt has been requested so hopefully you can see a bit more detail on this one. It is a big quilt so we had to photograph it outside (obviously we managed to do so during one of those relatively infrequent periods when we actually had sunshine) In fact the winter light probably made it easier to see the actual quilting lines than if we had taken the photo inside which really would not have done it justice.
It must have been quite an amusing sight as Adam and I climbed two ladders to hold the quilt up for the photo to be taken right next to a main road and under pain of death by its maker if we so much as got a speck of dirt on the quilt itself. Bear in mind that Adam is six foot four (and still growing I think) and I'm...well, quite a bit shorter than that.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The UFO has landed

We've talked on this blog about UFO's before but usually in the context of our customers. Well just to let you know all of our customers with UFO's are in good company - one of our long-serving members of staff has just completed a quilt that was started 7 years ago!

During that time she has learnt many time-saving new techniques including machine applique after doing a course with Harriet Hargrave on invisible machine applique (Mastering Machine Applique Ref 1573) but at the end of the day hand quilting does take time (especially when you are constantly surrounded by new fabrics and inspiring projects...I mean how hard is that!?!).

When she first started at the Cotton Patch she was mainly a dress-maker, but gradually she did more and more patchwork and is now proficient in many aspects of patchwork, quilting and applique and has a great knowledge of the many books on the subject.

Congratulations on finishing the quilt - and did you think you could bring it in and it not go on the Cotton Patch blog?

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