Friday, July 31, 2009

Bernina Series8 Machine Quilting Frame

Bernina Series 8 Quilting Frame
The Cotton Patch now have stock of the Bernina Series 8 Quilting Frame. Experience the joy of a no-baste, high quality metal frame which turns your Bernina Series8 sewing machine into the perfect machine quilting system. The Bernina Frame is custom designed for the Bernina 820 and Bernina 830 sewing machine.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bernina 820 Sewing Machine

Bernina 820 Sewing Machine
We are very pleased to announce that the Bernina 820 sewing machine can now be purchased through The Cotton Patch.
The most space, the most speed and the most precision; the Bernina 820 is a true revolution for sewing and quilting. Cutting edge technology combined with Swiss craftsmanship opens a new world of previously unimagined sewing potential. However demanding or ambitious your sewing task, the Bernina 820 will let you perform faster, with flawless quality and with unparalleled ease. For anyone who is passionate about quilting and sewing, the innovative features and unmatched performance of the Bernina 820 offer unlimited possibilities and an incomparable sewing experience.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Organ Sewing Machine Needles

Organ Sewing Machine Needles We have supplied Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles for some time and last year successfully trialled the Quilting Needle Pack from Organ. We have now extended our range to include a variety of different Organ Sewing Machine Needles packs. There are specialist needles for Jeans, Embroidery, Metallic Thread and Embroidery, as well as Quilting. We also have some Titanium Sewing Machine Needles for extra wear resistance.
Universal Sewing Machine Needles from Organ of Japan
There are a number of Universal Sewing Machine Needle Packs with 5 needles. The Specialist Needles are available at £2.50 per pack of five whilst the Universal Needles are £1.50 for a pack of five. We also have available value packs of Universal Needles with 100 Needles for the great price of £22.95.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

We have a new neat little gadget from Wrights called the Side Winder - Portable Bobbin Winder. This little portable machine allows you to wind and fill sewing machine bobbins quickly and easily without having to un-thread the sewing machine. In the UK, the Sidewinder will work off two AA batteries.

For sewing, quilting or crafting, let the SideWinder keep your creativity flowing!
1. Put the thread on the spindle.
2. Wind the thread to bobbin.
3. Push button to start.

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